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We provide 3 services:

  • DOT Exam
  • Injury Treatment Clinic
  • Wellness Care of Chiropractic


Attention Truck and Bus Drivers! 

Department of Transportation  has changed the regulations of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers as of May 21st, 2014.

Your medical certification should be acquired only through DOT  certified medical examiners.  Most primary doctors or Kaiser doctors will no longer provide  the DOT medical certifications.

Your CDL license will be suspended when your medical card expired.  If you are plan to renew your certification, call us to make an appointment  at least one month earlier before it expires. 

Most walk-in clinics nearby such as Concentra, Patient First, will have you take 3-4 hours staying in the waiting room, due to their shortage of doctors and staffs and also because of all kind of other patients competing for seeing doctors for the emergency care at the same time. We are neither an emergency care clinic nor a walk-in clinic although we can see you immediately. Our staffs are well trained and kind to give you very speedy processes. We care your precious time.

Call 301 787 8556 for Oxon HIll  and 301 740 8500 for Gaithersburg.


Injury Treatment Clinic 

(For Motor Vehicle Accident, Worker's Injury, Personal Injury)

Are you injured? Then make an appointment with us. You will not regret. You are going to experience the one of the best services in town at our clinics. We are very good at patient cares. Even personal injury lawyers prefer us due to our high patient satisfaction rate and well documented legal reports and papers for the cases. Our patients always tell us that we provide them totally  different levels of quality care than other chiropractic clinics they went in the past.


Wellness Care

Do you feel some tightness or nagging pain in your neck or back, or any parts of your body? Do you feel tiredness due to your stress? We offer services that can reduce your mental and physical stresses and pain quickly. Our services include chiropractic spinal adjustment, myofascial massage, physical therapy and dry needling with acupuncture needles. It will be a combined method depending on your condition. Why do you need to go to a massage therapist, acupuncturist or physical therapist, hence you can get the best combined treatments right here? 

We accept Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) and most other PPO insurances like Cigna or Aetna    No state medicaid program is accepted in our office yet.                                    

If you need to make an appointment at our offices, please call 301-787-8556 or 301-740-8500. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Dr. Andrew Choi

Oxon Hill and Gaithersburg | Lake Forest Clinic

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